Lament (v.1)

Who, if not you, will recognize the silent unease that plagues my heart? Silence roams the depths of my tortured chamber and haunts it with doubt. I lay stunned by the shock of your absence amidst my desperate cry of distress and am forced to watch the coils of this lament unwind.

[Birds greedily pluck mercy from my cracked lips + hide wisdom in their beaks]

Fate is a dark angel and deaf to our desperation + doubt. Every first day of school, every kiss goodbye, every kite ever flown you can see in the photographs, when his blonde hair would still curl from the sweat; these are no consolation considering the sweet tinctured sea that swallows the soul so greedily, without remorse.

The light of the soul bears wings and flies from the rotted sockets. How many lives have we lived cloaked in darkness? The soul speaks in silence while I speak in a million tongues and yet, none of them are mine. I’ve gone as far as stealing my prayers from the lips of dead prophets and calling them my own. They fly on one wing, never too far before falling back to the earth.

[Question: If time devours all things, as Ovid once declared, does time have teeth?]

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