I’ve finally figured out that I’m blind.
Since birth I have seen only darkness
that I mistook for shadows. My mother
mocked me for my optimism and now
I know why.

Love awakened the truth of my blindness
and seared my lids shut to the sound of
shame. The heat of my heart has found
no flame to fight the bitter dark despite
the desire to fold myself between her
fragrant petals. Angst is an owl with large
orbit eyes that swallow entire planets.

Perhaps I’ve mistaken desire for love, light
for dark and prayers for poems. My entire
life has been miscast and the wings I thought
I’d grown are rocks that will drag me down
to drown in darkness.

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3 Responses to Blindness

  1. 1jdadam says:

    It is in surrender to our darkness that we are awakened to our Light. Write on, dear Poet, write on…

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